AboutGraduate School of Zhengzhou University

    As one of thenational“211 Project” key universities in China, Zhengzhou University (ZZU) is jointly funded by both Henan Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education. And it hasbeena universityof“Double First-rate”construction.Graduate education in Zhengzhou University began in 1978. In 1981, the university became one of the first qualified universities for conferring master’s and doctor’s degree in China. In 2004, with the approval of the People's Government of Henan Province, Zhengzhou University took a trial run for a graduate school. After the formal establishment of the Graduate School of Zhengzhou University in 2011, a rapid development of graduate education in the university has been achieved. Standing on the new historical starting point, Zhengzhou University aims to build a comprehensive research university and achieve the strategic development objective of being a “Double First-rate”university. For the development of the university, the core is to serve the“Double First-rate”construction and improve teaching quality; the key is to reform the system and mechanism, innovate the training mode, and optimize the teaching environment; the main task is to achieve internationalization of training, combination of scientific research and teaching, and synergy of production and learning. The university will speed up the construction of first-class graduate education and establish a high quality graduate education system suitable for economic and social development.

    At present, the graduate education in Zhengzhou University covers 12 main disciplines, namelyphilosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art. The university has 30 first-level doctoral degree disciplines, 2 professional doctoral degree disciplines, 59 first-level master's degree disciplines, 25 professional master's degree disciplines and 19 engineering master's degree disciplines. The total number ofin-schoolgraduates(including part-time students) has been over 19,000.

    In term of graduate enrollment,the school implements quality reserve base projects, innovates methods of selection, and improves enrollment publicity to optimize the structure of student source. The enrollment scale of graduatehasincreasedsteadily at an annual average growth rate of5.9%. The number ofin-schoolgraduateshas increased from 12,000 in 2010 to more than 19,000 in 2018. It makes Zhengzhou University a major university for graduate education and an important base for training high-level talents in Henan Province and even the central region of China.

In term of graduate cultivation,the school makes scientific training plans, improvesmechanism of curriculumconstruction and evaluation, explores innovative training model, and pushes forward graduate education reform. It has obtained 24 provincial level graduate education reform projects, 15 provincial level quality graduate courses, set up 4 projects of English curriculum system construction for international graduates and 68 core degree courses for graduates. The schoolalsohaswon 1 special and 1 second-class Teaching Achievement Award of the Education Department of Henan Province.

    The school has made the breakthrough in degree work.One of thedoctoraldissertations in the school has been rated as National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, which is the first one in Henan province, and another 3 has been nominated. 60% ofexcellentdoctoraldissertations at provincial level are fromZhengzhouUniversity. The number of excellent dissertations at provincial levelin Zhengzhou Universityalsoincreasesyear by year. The quality of talent cultivation has been widely recognized by the society.Up to now, 6 disciplines(or research fields) of Zhengzhou University have reached top 1% in ESI world ranking. Among the university’s papers highly cited by the ESI database, the participation rate of graduates highly ups to 97.3%.

    In term of professional graduate education,the universityin-schoolwas selected as one of the first 64pilot universities for comprehensive reform of professional graduate education in 2010. Since then,itactively explore the ways of training model reform and have gathered rich experience in professional graduate education, and have formed distinctive training features.In 2014, the university was selected as one of the first 64pilot universities for professional graduate training model reform. Both in 2014 and 2016, the university received the title of the “National Exemplary Joint Training Base for Graduates of Professional Engineering Degree”. The university is one of the 14 units that have won this honor for two times in succession. In 2015, 2 graduates of the university were listed as “WinnerofNational Outstanding AchievementinEngineeringMasterPractice”. In 2017, the university was approved as the“National Joint Training Base for Professional Graduate Education in Hydraulic Engineering”. Several bases of the university havebeen rated as “Innovative Training Base for Graduate of Henan Province”. In several professional degree categories,the university has been rated as the “pilot university for comprehensive reform of professional degreeinHenan province”and “professional master’sdegree authorization center(or field) for characteristic brands of Henan province”.

    Internationalization of graduateeducationhas achievedarapid development.Since 2008,alarge numberofgraduates of the school have been funded totake furtherstudiesin topforeignuniversities and laboratories,andthe university’s number of enrollment ranks first among the local "211 Project" universitiesforseveralyears in succession.A batch ofdoctoral supervisorshas beenfunded by the “Short-termOverseasExchangeProgram forDoctoralSupervisors”as senior research scholarstotakeone-month academic exchange activitiesin top foreignuniversities.In 2013, China’s first Training and Research Center for Overseas Studyof theMinistry of Education formally established in Zhengzhou University. The academic visiting program for doctoral students has sponsoredabout 1,000graduates to take overseas academic visitingandmeeting in America, Germany, Canada, Russia, Australia and other countries since its establishment.Since 2014, the university has enrolledmore than 300international graduates from over 20 countries including Italy, Korea, Japan, Pakistan and India.

    In term ofinnovative education for graduate,the school startedinnovation plan for graduate education in 2006. In 2016, after adjustments, the school formed a“6+1” model which includes Reward Program for Excellent Graduate Papers, Academic Visiting and Overseas Study Program for Graduate, Great Master’s Forum, Graduate Academic Forum, Graduate Independent Innovative Program, Graduate Innovative Practice Base, and Excellent Graduates Appraising and Electing Activity. The Graduate Innovation Center of Zhengzhou University was established in 2008 and listed by Education Department of Henan Province as Henan Graduate Innovation Center in 2010. Taking “self-planning, free exploring, self-management, and independent innovation” as its principles, the Center has carried out a series of independent innovation activities for graduates, organized varies of innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and contributed a lot to the cultivation of innovative talents.

    In term of graduate moraleducation and student management,the school persists in achieving cultivation through morality and integrates party building and ideological and political education into the whole process of graduate education and training. Every year, the school elects and commends outstanding graduates like the “Top 10 Graduates” and National Scholarship winners and organizes “Learning and Practice” Annual Graduate Forum. The school strengthens thecultivationof top-notch innovative talents, improves the mechanism of reward and sponsorship, andhasset up sound rules and regulations of student management. All the measures have effectively ensured the healthy development of graduate education.

    The Graduate School and the Graduate Party Committee Work Department of Zhengzhou University take the system of co-operative work, and set up Administration Office, Admission Office, Cultivation Office, Degree Office, Professional Degree Office, Graduate Work Department and other divisions. Keeping faith in the university’s spirit of honest and diligence, taking the “Double First-rate” construction and serving local economic and social development as their mission, the staffs try to contribute to thecultivationof first-rate talents with innovation and practical ability.

(Note: the above shows information ending June 2018)

Current Leaders

Guan Shaokang

The Vice-Presidentof Zhengzhou Universityin Charge of Graduate School

Professor with a Ph.D. Degree, Doctoral Supervisor

Assistant Dean: Zhang Chengfeng

Minister of the Graduate Party Committee Work Department

Assistant Dean ofGraduateSchool

Assistant dean: Li Xiaoyu

Professor with a Ph.D. Degree,Doctoral Supervisor

Assistant Dean ofGraduateSchool

Assistant dean: Zhu Chengshen

Professor with a Ph.D. Degree,Doctoral Supervisor

Assistant Dean ofGraduateSchool

Assistant Dean: Liang Hui

Assistant Dean ofGraduateSchool


School Leadership Ranks:

Minister of the Graduate Party Committee Work Department(“Graduate Work Department”for short),Assistant Dean ofGraduateSchool:Zhang Chengfeng

Assistant Dean ofGraduateSchool:Li Yuxiao

Assistant Dean ofGraduateSchool:Zhu Chengshen

Assistant Dean ofGraduateSchool:Liang Hui

ViceMinister of the Graduate Party Committee Work Department(“Graduate Work Department”for short):Zhang Hongjian

Director of the Administration Office:Zheng Meiying

Director of the Professional Degree Office:Li Xudong

Director of the Cultivation Office:Feng Miluo

Director of theAdmission Office:Xue Fei

AssistantDirector of the Degree Office: Han Liangliang

Assignment of Duties:

Admission Office(67781710)doctoralandmasteradmission and other related works

Cultivation Office(67781709)management ofstudent status,cultivation process,teaching, and international education for graduates

Degree Office(67781703)confermentof degrees for doctors, masters,andbachelors, themanagementofsupervisors, and other related works

Graduate Party Committee Work Department(Graduate Work Department)(67781711)graduateideological and political education, management of student works which includesscholarship,student loans and grants-in-aid, and innovative and cultural activities at the campus

Professional Degree Office (67781703)declaration and assessmentof professional degreeauthorization centers, management of part-time degree,formulationof training plan for professional degree, and management of professional practices

Administration Office(67780050)managementoffiles and copies,administrative affairs, websites and systems,fixed assets, andlogistics support

Plane Graph of the Offices: